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10 June 2010 @ 05:03 pm
I such sensitive skin that I can't use my 380 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets because I feel a scratchiness noone else notices. Even average to above average wool gives me hives and a rash if it so much as thinks about touching my skin.

So why the hell do I want to knit myself a wool sweater so bad? I could not possibly afford enough yarn to make the whole thing out of the wool that doesn't provoke the reaction.
10 January 2010 @ 05:29 pm
Wow, life moves fast when you're not blogging about it.
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20 November 2009 @ 01:09 pm
My Uncle died wednesday. We're going from St Louis to West Virginia today. R
25 August 2009 @ 02:47 pm
[14:42] CraftyJester: My chem teacher can go diaf.
[14:43] CraftyJester: RAWR if you are late you get 2% taken off your final grade! If you are absent for any reason you get 4% taken off your final grade!
[14:44] CraftyJester: And despite there being a once-a-week workshop/review session scheduled.. he doesn't believe in them so we don't get to review with the TA.
[14:45] CraftyJester: And, although the syllabus says we meet M-T-R-F, he demands that we keep Wednesday open to have classes when and if he wants to. Half the class had scheduled the laboratory time in there!
[14:46] CraftyJester: And if we miss a wednesday because we didn't catch that he wanted it? Minus 5%.
[14:46] CraftyJester: He can go die in a fire.
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20 May 2009 @ 10:47 am
I really suck at this "keep a journal/blog" thing. It would help if my computer wouldn't keep crashing in the middle of my posts, too. SORRY IF ANYONE CARES AND HAS BEEN WANTING TO HEAR FROM THE JESTER. Not much has been happening, so not alot of drama, so not alot of angst, so not alot of need for LJ whining.

Things that will be whined talked about when I get more than ten minutes on the computer:

Sewing fails
Garage sales
Car accidents
Con Plague
Deadpool <3
my Boy

I also need to go through my todo list.

But again... more on that when I'm not fucked for time.
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20 November 2008 @ 03:17 pm
After the disaster last time I posted I was a bit hesitant to push my luck to take a picture of my bentos, but I finally made a picture-bento that I thought worthy of sharing. With the community, not my chihuahua. So a bit of a balancing act with my crummy camera later and we have:

Yeah, I know. Not too awesome, but since it was all done freehand this morning, in 10 minutes total from deciding to bento to picture taking, and being only my second picture bento I'm pretty pleased.

Contents: 5 mini sausage octo-dogs, 2 fried egg fish, snap peas for kelp, rice background, with the extra egg and sugar peas plus a few pieces of diced onions hidden under the rice. The not pictured dessert: apple chunks, walnuts and raisins, with blueberry yogurt for dipping that had a few fish-shaped sprinkles on top. Also, a mandarin orange.
LOL I just now noticed that one of the snap peas shifted to the bottom of the box, so the one long kelp frond is just kinda.... floating there. Oh well! It's already in my tummy, so no do-overs. It was very tasty, especially with a little mayo, after I cut the sausage and eggs up and mixed it all together.

I should look into a bigger box. This 470 ML just is never enough without another 150-250 plus some fruit.
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18 October 2008 @ 07:26 pm
I've been asked to post pictures of what I was working on and unfortunately my digicam wasn't available. Being resourceful, I found an old low-quality webcam to try and show what exactly has been going on.

Extremely blurry pictures warning...Collapse )Hopefully I can get a little more help now that my fellow seamsters know how little fabric I have that matches the former miniskirt. Also, I'd like to ask for opinions on the other fabric.
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16 October 2008 @ 11:10 am
I've been a vanilla lolita for a few years, following the ideology without wearing the clothes because, to be honest, I'm rather big. Being big for so long has etched the "big girls look like crap in nice clothes" mindset pretty deeply into me. BUT. Since I've managed to drop two sizes healthily in a year I decided to reward myself with my first Lolita outfit. Since we're a little strapped for cash right now (and most of my favorite skirts don't come in my size) I decided to sew it myself.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a newbie when it comes to many established communities. The EGL, bento, costuming, and knitting communities, both online and IRL, have welcomed me warmly and made me feel as though I don't actually suck as bad as I do. I'm broke so I cannot afford the brand-name or even fan made dresses and am a novice sewer at best, my cooking lacks confidence, the costumes I make are very poor (except for accessories. Those I do VERY well), and all my knitting is uneven or doesn't fit. Those I meet scold me for doubting myself, but they don't see the problems that happen as I work. Those mistakes that I just can't ignore.

This being said, I am slowly improving on all fronts through trial and error. And error. And error again. I rarely make the same (major) blunder twice, although lesser ones tend to happen frequently.

For example, when first deciding to sew a lolita-style circle skirt to go over my old petticoat I measured very, very carefully the circumference of my waist, added ease and seam allowances, and found the radius. With my fabric folded precisely into fourths I used the "compass" method to carefully mark the cutting line. Since my desired skirt length was 21 inches, and allowing for mistakes/hemming/etc. I again used the compass to measure 22 inches and mark the cutting line.

Did anyone catch what I did wrong? That's right! I measured 22 inches from the *corner* of the fabric, which meant the fabric was cut to the size of 22 inches MINUS the radius of my waist measurement. Thus I ended up with a skirt of a scant 14 inches in length when finished. It is a micro-miniskirt with FLARE! My SO said that I am not allowed wear it in public, but am invited to wear it frequently in private!

Luckily I have just enough of the pretty black floral fabric to attempt a simpler rectangle skirt pattern to try and regain a few shreds of my sewing dignity.

I'll be making a new post with pictures soon. Once I figure out how to do it without getting ads.
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14 October 2008 @ 07:52 am

This is my first entry. Just to fill the white space.

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